How We Become Gay

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Playing in my neighborhood is one of the finest things I cherished. I played a lot during my childhood to an extent I was neck named “Out Door Boy”. During that time, there was a wealthy man in my neighborhood I liked so much. I never knew that he had also noticed my admiration and the way I behaved whenever I see him. One early in the morning, I was sent for an errand by my mom. Immediate this man saw me; he stopped and carried me. I was so happy, but his car was beautiful sight to be beheld; the interior design excellent. As he dropped me to where I was going, I thanked him and he waved me and drove off.


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1 was the only daughter of my parent, out of five children. My father works in a co-operate office and he always at home by 5pm each day. He is also at home on weekends while, my mother is a business woman, she has a Boutique and Hair Dressing Salon. Her nature of work made her to travel almost all the time, she spent most of her time travelling to UK, U.S.A. etc. buying things for her Boutique. From the above explanation you will understand that my mother is rarely at home so, I am the only one at home with my brothers and Daddy.

Nnamdi Kanu’s Life is in a Serious Danger

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It is on record that the federal government of Nigeria led my Mohammad Buhari has vowed to secretly silent the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Attempts had been made twice to silent him. 

Change Begins With Me – Pres Mohammad BUHARI

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It’s no longer news that “Change” was used during A.P.C electioneering campaign in 2015. The wave of change swept across the country and everyone was expecting positive change. Therefore, Nigerians were so excited and anticipating to see change in their National life as promised by APC. This change includes:


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The recent divide and rule tactic used by Nigeria Government had failed as the sponsored groups called TRI-POB AND RE-IPOB  has gone hiding after the Indigenous People of Biafra asked them to come out and show their faces. Now they are no where to be found. Therefore, The  IPOB, under the leadership of Mazi. Nnamdi Kanu, said yesterday that no amount of what they called a ‘divide and rule tactic’ by the federal government would stop their struggle for the restoration of the Biafra Nation.

Why President Buhari Can’t Stop Boko-Haram

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Due to the strong desire of some Northern politicians to accomplish the Abuja Declaration 1989. - Abuja Declaration  is the name frequently given to the communiqué issued after the Islam in Africa conference held in Abuja,Nigeria between 24 and 28 November 1989. 

The War Against Corruption Of APC Led Federal Government

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During PMB swearing in ceremony, he made a statement – “I belong to no body” ‘this has been proven wrong by the action of President Buhari.  No doubt that he has a strong dislike for corruption and he made no mistake when he said if we fail to kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. It’s not hyperbolic that the monster called corruption has done incalculable damage to  every facet of our national life. No wonder, millions of Nigerians did excellently well to vote for him in 2015 because of his integrity and tough anti-corruption stance, to lead a total war against the monster called corruption. 

I Earned 500 Naria for my first movie role -Chinedu Ikedieze

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Chinedu Ikedieze  a  Nollywood Actor has explained how he started acting Movie. In fact, it was from humble beginnings in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, Chinedu Ikedieze popularly known as Aki, become known after he starred in Aki na Ukwa in 2001.
Ever since, the actor has continued to grow from strength to strength, winning awards both within and outside Nigeria for his exploits on the silver screen. The peak was when he was awarded an MFR by the GEJ administration a couple of years ago.

Day One Was “Sentenced To Death” For Taking Photograph Of Oloolu Masquerade

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On Wednesday, 20 – 06 - 2016. I finished from an assignment at the Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan, and returning home that evening when I came across a crowd reacting to the presence of a popular masquerade, Oloolu. They were shouting, “Oloolu is around! Oloolu is around!”
Then I saw the usual  women taking to their heels to avoid sighting or being sighted by the masquerade, as it is a taboo for women to see Oloolu. inadvertently I was working on a piece on the activities of masquerades in Ibadan. Taking photos of these women running like hell would definitely add flavor to my story.

Security Guard Kills 24-years-Old Boy In Onitsha

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 There was a massive tragedy yesterday in Onitsha, when a security guard in Ona-Jones petrol station shot and killed a 24-year-old boy at Our Line bus stop on Onitsha-Asaba expressway, Nkpor Down flyover. We learnt that angry mob immediately stormed the filling station to lynch the security guard, but the timely intervention of the policemen, saved him from jungle justice. However, when the mob could not get at the security guard, it mobilized to set the filling station ablaze, it also failed, but it succeed burning the vehicle parked in the filling station and touched some parts of the filling station.

The 2016 Olympic Games Opens in a Colorful and Exciting Ceremony at Rio’s Maracana Stadium.

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  2016 Olympic Games opens in a colorful and exciting ceremony at Rio’s Maracana Stadium with an estimated audience of three billion, the ceremony celebrated Brazil’s history and natural beauty, before former marathon runner Vanderlei de Lima lit the Olympic cauldron.Wimbledon champion Andy Murray led the British team into the arena, while table tennis star, Funke Oshinaike did the honours for Team Nigeria. The build-up to Rio 2016 has been played out against a deep recession and political protests in Brazil.

Prediction of Nigeria's future, and Its Allies.

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A stitch in time save nine as the saying goes. The evil plot of Nigeria Government, British Government and American Government to kill the leader of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will cause a civil war that will not end. Let me first and foremost analyze the manner in which it will happen.