Change Begins With Me – Pres Mohammad BUHARI

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It’s no longer news that “Change” was used during A.P.C electioneering campaign in 2015. The wave of change swept across the country and everyone was expecting positive change. Therefore, Nigerians were so excited and anticipating to see change in their National life as promised by APC. This change includes:

i  N5,000 to unemployed youths
ii One Naira = One Dollar
iii Creation of Millions of Jobs in one year etc.
iv Building of infrastructures
v One litre of fuel – N45
These promises are far from being fulfilled as at the time of filing this report, instead millions of jobs have been lost. Children, Men and women are dying of hunger in that contraption called Nigeria. APC is busy postponing election, intimidating innocent citizens with the military and killing unarmed protesters. Federal government provides protection to Fulani Herdsmen who kills and rapes children and women. President Mohammad Buhari led federal government is lost and has no direction, in fact; Nigeria is officially in recession and gradually moving to depression under the leadership of president Mohammad Buhari . However, this was an economy that was rated as the fastest growing economy in the last administration under Good-luck Ebela Jonathan. I was shocked to see president Buhari launched a New National Re-orientation Campaign (N.N.R.C.) “Change Begins with Me.” Fine, good phrase! Now the question is what will Nigerians learn from him as the number one man? As the number one man he has absolute dis-obedience to court orders. So, you want Nigerians to begin to dis-obey court orders. As the number one man, he forged his secondary school certificate and want Nigerians begin to do the same. As far as I am concern, there is nothing good to learn from President Mohammad Buhari. He is a politician like  Amaechi and other politicians. Therefore, change begins with me is another means of diversion and to mislead Nigerians. You must not fail in your campaign promises and Nigeria must not allow A.P.C to distract them from the promises they made. I urge them to continue to remind President Buhari led Federal Government the promised change and positive change indeed! Please like, share and follow!