Prediction of Nigeria's future, and Its Allies.

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A stitch in time save nine as the saying goes. The evil plot of Nigeria Government, British Government and American Government to kill the leader of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will cause a civil war that will not end. Let me first and foremost analyze the manner in which it will happen.

 Nigeria Government with her allied has perfected plans to kill Nnamdi Kanu. The Northern politicians have agreed to allow the Army/military to take over the Government and immediately execute Nnamdi Kanu. The murder of Nnamdi Kanu will mark the beginning of a second civil war in that expired contraption called Nigeria.
This war will be fought with modern technology, the aim of this war; will be to wipe the whole of Northern Region. During this war, the Northern political elites will be the prime target. In the Biafran quest to eliminate them will help the owners of the North , i.e. the core Hausa men and women to rise against them. –The Fulanis. They will be killed; those alive will run away from the Nigeria. The remnant of Fulani will be wiped away from the North.
During this warfare in Nigeria, the present president of United State of America Barack Obama will finish his tenure as America president. Then he will be traced and given the same treatment, your guess is as good as mine . The same applies to David Cameron the prime minister of United Kingdom for the absolute support they gave to this expired Nigeria Government to kill Nnamdi Kanu. Make no mistake about it. This war will be fought with advance technology present and the ones the world is yet to see in warfare, we are Biafrans and we have the capacity. Nigeria will be destroyed and Somali will be better than Nigeria. However,  Oil production will be at O Level. In fact, no Oil company will be in operation. During this warfare no journalist or reporter from CNN and BBC will be allowed to cover any event. If mistakenly find, their fate will be far from prediction.
Therefore, to avoid had I known, to avoid how did we get here? what should we do? This is time to talk about peace and freedom of Biafrans.  This is the time whole world should come together and talk about the release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This is the time to call for ceasefire. A word is enough for the wise! This is my revelation.   Nnamdi Kanu should be released and let Biafrans Go. This is a notice to the whole world and this up-coming bloody war can be avoided now. Please follow, like and share!