The War Against Corruption Of APC Led Federal Government

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During PMB swearing in ceremony, he made a statement – “I belong to no body” ‘this has been proven wrong by the action of President Buhari.  No doubt that he has a strong dislike for corruption and he made no mistake when he said if we fail to kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. It’s not hyperbolic that the monster called corruption has done incalculable damage to  every facet of our national life. No wonder, millions of Nigerians did excellently well to vote for him in 2015 because of his integrity and tough anti-corruption stance, to lead a total war against the monster called corruption. 

But now Nigerians are confused to the approach taken so far by the president.
It is a well known fact that Mr president said during the eve of his campaign that he had no money in fact, that he borrowed money to buy his party form. Mr President left no one in doubt about his major task in the run-up to the last general elections. At every stop during the campaigns, he repeated his desire to crush the monster that has been a barrier to our journey to development. But the same man that has strongly advocated 0 tolerances of corruption is now tolerating corruption. because, many have expressed concern about the nature of President Buhari’s anti-corruption war despite the success it has so far recorded. Buhari is accused in some quarters of fighting a selective war. Some of these accusations range from the ridiculous to the mundane. If Buhari were not persecuting those alleged to have soiled their hands because they are Christians, it would be because their grand uncle killed Buhari’s granduncle’s cows. But one cannot in all honesty dismiss all the opinions about Buhari’s anti-corruption war as mere lamentations of the tribe of wailers.However, one wonders why the illegal recruitment at the CBN has been allowed to stand despite the hue and cry that greeted it. Sons, daughters and relatives of the rich and mighty, especially the President’s friends, got engaged by the CBN without due process.

Just as the dust raised by irregular CBN recruitment was settling, the FIRS secretly employed 350 new staff. Like that of the CBN, it was neither advertised nor approved by the CBN.  It was neither advertised nor approved by the Federal Character Commission as the service rules stipulate. What is even more irritating is the lame argument by the CBN that they were "targeted recruitments".Furthermore, Politicians like Bola Almed Tunubo, Fashola, Chibuie Amaechi etc. These are heavy looters of Nigeria Treasury and they are moving freely in the street. President Buhari is busy fighting only those in opposition party. However, it may surprise you to know that President Buhari is Corrupt. Irrespective of the reasons above, let me give a little insight on what I meant that President is corrupt.

1.  As soon as he took over Government from Former President Goodluck Jonathan, he spent over five months in office without his cabinet i.e. the ministers. All monies made within these months have been un-accounted for, and Nigerians keep quiet even the opposition parties.
2. President Buhari’s Appointment is based on nepotism and favoured only one section of Country.
3. He is bribing every body that comes in contact him because of Biafra Agitation
4. His ministers are former looters of Nigeria Treasury and he is having handshake with them.

Very numerous to mention. Therefore, corrupt is far from being fought in Nigeria. Please like, share and follow!