Onitsha Massacres By Nigeria State


The unexpected happened on sunday when IPOB were preaching about the restoration of Biafra peacefully on the afternoon of Sunday 30th of August 2015. The Nigerian state and its Head of State commissioned and executed a grievous act of terrorism against defenseless civilians going about their lawful duties. This brazen act of cowardice by the Islamic Nigerian Government headed by president Buhari is evil and should be condemned by every right thinking civilized government of the world that believes in the sanctity of human life.

That this massacre happened under the rule of Buhari is not a surprise because his record for murder and terror sponsorship is there for all to see. Buhari's stated aim is to spread Sharia and propagate Islam to all corners of Nigeria because he feels its his divine religious duty to do so. His preferred method for doing this is through mass killings, terrorism and fear which was evident in Onitsha on Sunday. We are calling on conscientious governments of the world to hold Buhari to account for the massacre of Biafrans IPOB  at Onitsha on 30th of August 2015 or his barbarism will continue. Equally we have demand that the Islamic Government of Buhari tell the world exactly what the people who were executed in cold blood did wrong to warrant such primitive brutality at the hands of the Nigerian soldiers. They were simply exercising their right to freely associate and did nothing that could be construed as provocation or unlawful, the videos are there to prove it. The question is, in what way did the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on a peaceful evangelism break the law to deserve death at the hands of the Nigerian government?

Failure by Buhari and his government to provide the rationale behind the slaughter of unarmed and defenseless civilians will leave us no option than to deploy every means in our capacity to seek redress and our own self defense in the face of state sponsored murder and intimidation.
For far too long Biafrans have remained the subject of atrocious massacres by Islamic Hausa/Fulani dominated Nigeria Armed Forces. This situation is about to change as these senseless killings of innocent people will henceforth be resisted. The consequences and fall out from this cowardly massacre by Nigerian government of Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday in Onitsha will echo in history and nobody should hold Biafrans responsible for what will happen. They the Nigerian State have sowed the wind, they must surely harvest the whirlwind. according to Nnandi Kanu - director Please share and follow.