Nnamdi Kanu’s Life is in a Serious Danger

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It is on record that the federal government of Nigeria led my Mohammad Buhari has vowed to secretly silent the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Attempts had been made twice to silent him. 

I want to use this medium to let the whole world know that it’s extremely unlikely that Nnamdi Kanu will come out from the prison heart and healthy. It will be unacceptable to the entire IPOB family, therefore; I will like to send a strong warning to the federal government of Nigeria. That if by the commission of error or by any chance Nnamdi Kanu come out unhealthy or drop dead. The heaven will be let loose and Mohammad Buhari will be the top target within 72hrs of this unexpected event in human history. I just want to remind him about the Radio Biafra which is just one thing Biafrans have done and federal government of Nigeria is unable to stop it. This is one out of millions of things Biafrans can do, therefore, destroying that expired contraption called Nigeria will be easy to achieve. Those around President Mohammad Buhari are wrongly advising him and indeed deceptive in their action.
You have Nnamdi Kanu in your custody and he is our chief negotiator therefore, you have a fertile ground. But, thinking to eliminate him will be the biggest mistake of the century.  You have made the first mistake by arresting him, and you want to make the second most costly mistake. Let me tell you that Nnamdi Kanu has supporters in over 88 countries of the world therefore; you have no hiding place if any thing happen to him. However, there is a well know myth or should I say fact; that Igbos love life and pleasure with trading. But today, you see young men and women given their life, taking live bullets from your men just for Nnamdi Kanu which they can not do for politicians. This should worry your government and especially you mr. president. Eliminating Nnamdi Kanu will create the worst insecurity ever seen in human history and you can not live to tell the story. Please like, share and follow!