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1 was the only daughter of my parent, out of five children. My father works in a co-operate office and he always at home by 5pm each day. He is also at home on weekends while, my mother is a business woman, she has a Boutique and Hair Dressing Salon. Her nature of work made her to travel almost all the time, she spent most of her time travelling to UK, U.S.A. etc. buying things for her Boutique. From the above explanation you will understand that my mother is rarely at home so, I am the only one at home with my brothers and Daddy.

At 13 years of age I can cook all kinds of food and my brothers weren’t missing my mom at all but I did. As a good cook, I made sure that each weekend many types of food are available for my Daddy and brothers but inside me I felt bad because of my Mom absent. One Sunday afternoon, as we came back from Church; my Daddy told my brothers to go to my grandmother’s place while I should stay at home and do some chores. I was so angry and protested that decision but my father persuaded me and I was left with no choice than to obey the order.
However, I was so uncomfortable; so many things were going through my mind. I began to cry, asking why my Daddy would make such decision because I haven’t seen my grandmother for past 3 years and needed to see her. After an hour my brothers left for my grandmother place, my father called me to come and clean his room. I stormed his room with annoyance and a broom in my hand, and then he noticed that I am not happy. He began teasing me and I smiled as usual because he always teased me when  I am angry. Immediately he promise to buy me a drink when I finish cleaning his room. He knew that I like drinking Don Simon with Juice like my Mom, he went and bought both. But guess what! My father drugged the Juice because he knew that I may not drink Don Simon much. As soon as I finished cleaning his room, he gave me the gift he promised. I was excited and wanted to leave his room, he said “no that I can stay there no problem”. “Ok Daddy”, I relaxed and began to drink the Juice and I put a little Don Simon into a glass of cup. This is all I can remember, as I woke up; my virginity is gone; I lost my virginity to my Daddy. I saw a little blood in my pant and felt sharp pains inside my virginal. My father had sex with me and I begun screaming, and went to him; “Daddy Why Me “?  Then I told him that I will tell my mom when she comes back. He threatened my life, education and future. I was speechless; I then left the house to my Mother Sister’s place. Please like, share and follow because this story will continue……….