How We Become Gay

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Playing in my neighborhood is one of the finest things I cherished. I played a lot during my childhood to an extent I was neck named “Out Door Boy”. During that time, there was a wealthy man in my neighborhood I liked so much. I never knew that he had also noticed my admiration and the way I behaved whenever I see him. One early in the morning, I was sent for an errand by my mom. Immediate this man saw me; he stopped and carried me. I was so happy, but his car was beautiful sight to be beheld; the interior design excellent. As he dropped me to where I was going, I thanked him and he waved me and drove off.

As I came back from that errand, I entered my room and began to think. What was going through my mind? Was this man’s lifestyle, the type of cars he drives and besides that; he had no wife and children either. However he was always smiling and cheerful whenever you see him. I decided to get closer to him and to know why he had no wife or children. As a young boy, I was too inquisitive. So, this is how my journey started. Before then, whenever he saw me, he called me my love and I would reply same to him. One day, we met in one of the supper store in my neighborhood as I was buying things for my mother. He saw me and shouted hi my love! I smiled, I couldn’t reply as usual because there was a public place and I was a bit shy. He told me not pay for the things I have picked in that supper-store, that he will pay and he did. We left together and he told me to come to his house to help him fix his electric bulb. I accepted. Later in the day, I went to his place to fix the bulb for him. As I got to his gate, I ringed him and he came and opened the gate. As I looked into the compound, what a mansion and beautiful environment! He took me to his Garden, we had a little chat and after that he directed me to the areas where I would fix the bulbs. I had nothing in mind, just to fix the bulbs and go. As I was fixing the bulbs, he came very close to me and start touching me as if I am a woman. I told him to stop it that I am not a woman, he smiled and said what? Don’t you want to be rich like me? I asked him how? He said just finish and let talk.

As soon as I finished, he took me to his dinning and we began to discuss. In fact, a lot were discussed. He invited me to their gay club and I saw gay men and women who were very rich in the club. He introduced me to his friends in the club and they began to ask me questions about life. I answered most of the questions, one of them said here is my card; meet me in my office tomorrow. The next day, I went to see him in his office. As I got there, it is a Hotel owned by him. Immediately he saw me from the top of six story building, he sent someone to direct me where he was. As I entered the room where he was, I saw 4 bouncers around him. Then he said “welcome”! I thanked him; he immediately offered me drinks I refused. Next he signal his boys, they held me on the bed and removed my cloths. Afterward, he told me that I should begin to enjoy sex with him. We became husband and wife; therefore, I want to advice you to be careful with the big boys in your neighborhood and people you admire in your life. Please give your comment, like and share it to others to read!