The depletion of Naira or the falling value of Naira is not a cheering news to Nigerians because, the prices of goods and services have risen in the market. 

The people are suffering because there are no money to buy foods, unless you are a politician. In fact, it’s only politicians that play with money and move about with millions of dollar and they have not been arrested.
My heart bleeds when I heard that poor traders were detained and their money seized by the Airport Authority because they have over $4500 dollars. According to eye-witness, in extension a worker in the Enugu Airport who does not want her name mention said that these were traders that want to go to Dubai to buy goods and they declared their money to the authorities at the Airport. Thereafter, an  order came from above that their money should be seized and the traders should be detained too.
They were later released without the money and asked to come back tomorrow 6th of September, 2015. As soon as they came back, they were detained again and handed over to EFCC for financial crime. Is this not a case of Pot calling Kettle black? I am using this medium to call on Federal Government to release these poor traders and give them their money. The country is very hash and everyone is struggling to survive, please; go to the politicians they are the ones with the money. Is this the change we voted for? Please , follow and share.