Why Deziani will Not Be Charged?

Due to the wonderful work radio biafra is doing for Biafrans, NCA has finally changed their mind. in fact, according  the National Crime Agency (NCA) said that they have no plan to charge  Mrs Deziani Alison- Madueke, to court.  A spokesman for the Agency told  the Guardian on Monday, October 5, 2015 after the NCA had got a court order to keep the £27,000 found on her till next April.

 This decision made the director of Radio Biafra ( Nnnandi Kanu) very happy. However, he said  Our weapon is the simple truth. After Radio Biafra PM Edition last night it will take an idiot of Hausa/Fulani proportions to continue with the case against Deziani Alison-Madueke. Try her in a British court and watch Radio Biafra/IPOB disgrace Britain before the whole world. We are small yes, with no money but Chukwu Okike Abhiama is here. One with him is majority!

 He further said that billions of Naira have been stolen by the Northern and South West political  elites in the country and they have not be charged  or jailed like James Ebori. He mentioned the likes of Bola Almeld Tinubu, OBJ, IBB, Atiku Abubaka e.t.c and these are people that have looted and mortgage this country but they are walking freely on the road. Please share, like and comment.