IOPB Members Laid to Rest


Biafrans that were murdered by Nigeria Navy and Police while they were having a peaceful Evangelism on 30 August 2015 in Anambra state.

 Two were laid to rest today. His death will never be in vain.. Nigeria must pay dearly for this.. Gallant Biafran rest in perfect peace. We will never forget your  names and must be remembered as far as this world continues. Therefore, Nnandi Kanu said that IOPB  duty is to meticulously accumulate and document evidence to justify any action we may take in the future to defend our lives.
Humanity should be made aware of the fabricated lies designed to justify the criminality of a discredited corruption riven incompetent Islamic government of Buhari. Very slowly but surely mankind is beginning to understand the extent of the inhumane and senseless brutality of Hausa/Fulani Islamic Caliphate just because they are dependent on oil from Biafraland.

That a so-called Christian country Britain is the brain behind this Buhari Jihadist brutality against innocent Christian populations in Biafraland defies logic and belief. Please Like, share and comment!