Brutality of Nigeria State

The Nigeria police has started the arrest of Radio Biafra listeners in Enugu State. However, it has shown that Nigeria is indeed not civilized. According to the director of Radio Biafra, - Nigeria Police at its Brutal Best, IPOB Family Members Abducted in Enugu. 

Not even during the darkest days of Adolf Hitler in Europe did such hopelessly criminally insane brutality by a despot visited upon innocent people. Most recently the mad Hausa/Fulani dictator Abacha did not go this far with listeners of Kudirat Radio sponsored by Wole Soyinka and funded by the Nobel Prize Committee. 

The Nigeria is now officially on record as the first backward country in the world to arrest people listening to a radio station. How low will the Nigeria government descend to in order to stifle free speech.
Yoruba gutter media are now silent, so  also are credible world media like BBC and CNN. This is a blatant act of provocation. This same mad Nigeria Police killed IPOB family members on the 30th of August 2015 now they have followed it up with brazen terror attacks against innocent people listening to Radio Biafra. Those arrested by Nigeria Police must be released with immediate effect or the Nigeria will face the consequence of their criminal actions. However, The report reaching our correspondent had it that Enugu State SARS have arrested 10 IPOB  members who gathered in one of their members shop listening to Radio biafra at Trans- Ekulu ugbo Odogwu. There offense being that they were listening to Radio Biafra and such act is to instigating war. According to our source who pleaded anonymity, the men of Nigerian Police also threatened the owner of the shop that they will come back for him. Such indiscriminate arrests of peace loving citizens listening to Radio Biafra have also been reported sometime ago in Aba City. Therefore, I urge the federal government to stop the arrest of innocent people. Please share, like and comment for further update!