The Consenquences of Nnandi Kanu Arrest

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This is one arrest of too many; the arrest of Nnandi Kanu the director of Radio Biafra and the command of Biafra army is one that Nigeria Government will never forget in a hurry.
I want to use this medium to urge the Federal Republic of Nigeria to urgently release him. He is a freedom fighter and activist, therefore, have the right to agitate for the freedom of his people and has not committed any sin.
In line with the international convention to the right of indigenous people he has absolute right to do what he is doing and had done. Nigeria Government is a signatory to that convention; this act has indeed violated that very convention. As a patriotic Nigerian I do not wish war in this country.  But any further delay of the release of Nnandi Kanu will definitely cause war which would be regretted by Nigeria Government.
I do not know why we forget in a hurry The event that metamorphosis to Islamic Group called Boko-Haram today which had become night mire to all of us.  The perception or theory that when a leader of a group is killed the sheep will scatter does not work in this 21st century. For instance, Boko haram is a very typical example of what I am saying; when their leader was killed. Did it stop Boko Haram? And we can see the activities of this dreaded group today. Nigeria Government is now calling for negotiation with Boko-Haram, asking for peace.
The action taken by Nigeria Government will be worse than Boko-Haram if not checked now. Nnandi Kanu should be release now. I am calling on international community to prevail on Nigeria Government to release Nnandi Kanu because I do not want war again in this country. This is the time to preach peace and call for negotiation, a stitch in time save nine.
United Nation should call Nigeria government to order and avert bloodshed. In my view, there is no time than now to preach peace to Nigeria Government to release Mazi Nnandi Kanu, I rest my case and watch the unfolding events in the next coming days. Please like, share and comment!