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`At the eve of 1960, our founding fathers were very optimistic of a birth of a new nation called Nigeria. A nation that gives hope to its citizens, a nation that will care for everyone. A nation abounds with natural mineral resources.

 Things were going as planned. Suddenly, things fall apart! But the question is, what really happened and how did we get here? In fact, this article is written out of patriotism and not biased and it focuses on the reality on ground. For how long should we continue to die in silence and pretend that things are good while in reality things are not? Nigeria is 55 years, and this is 55 years of sheer hypocrisy and deprivation.
A country that should have cared for its  citizens have become a country that cares only for the few,  a country where laws are made only for the poor not for the rich.  A country where only the rich survives, a country where stealing and looting of public fund is glorifies.  A country where youth unemployment is 98%,  a  country where poverty rates are unimaginable. A country where there are no good roads, no electricity; no pipe borne water. A country where the politicians lies to gain into the public office, a country where there are no good medical care and the elites travel abroad for medical care and a country where promises to citizens are not being fulfilled.
What is it that needs to be celebrated at 55? 55 years of pains, agony and deprivation. 55 years of killing of innocent citizens, extra-judicial killings and lawlessness. A country where the judiciary is meant for the rich, where a poor man will steal a Goat and get 15 years imprisonment while the rich steal billions of naira - (public fund) and pay tax which is against the perception that the judiciary is the only hope for the common man. but here in Nigeria, it's the only hope for the rich. In my view, this is 55th independence of sheer failure and therefore, need to be corrected in what ever manner necessary. Please if you share the same view with me, comment, follow, like and share this article!