IPOB Has Finally Activated Self-Defense


Due to wanton killings of unarmed protesters of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) since the arrest of their leader Nnamdi Kanu. 

 On October 14, 2015 the leader of IPOB was arrested with two others, which has cause massive protest around the world. His supporters, i.e. IPOB has been killed, injured and kidnapped by Nigeria Government. These innocent men and woman are just doing what the law both local and international empowered them to do. Nigeria Government has been killing them without remorse and there is no indication that those behind the killings would be brought to book or the killings will stop.
On February  9th, 2016. Nine of IPOB members were killed for just gathering to pray for their leader Nnamdi Kanu.  If the killing continues, they may be exterminated in their own land. United Nation (UN) has not protested these people in the manner in which they use to protest others from Europe. These Biafrans are just demanding for Independence since the amalgamation of Nigeria has expired. Moreover, United Nation convention of 2007 also empowered them to agitate for their freedom. The question is, is IPOB agitation for self-determination out of the law? Not at all, what they are doing is an acceptable norm in the quest for self-determination. But why is Nigeria government killing them and the world kept quiet? Does it mean that independence cannot be achieved without war in Africa?
However, IPOB is very resolute and fearless and will continue the agitation for self-determination in a different dimension because they have been in slavery for over 55years now and want to be free and also want to live a free life where everyone will look at each other as a first class citizen. Where everyone will have the right to live a normal life. IPOB will not fold their hand while being killed. They have to do something, and that is exactly what we are saying – self-defense the only option available for now. Therefore, I want use this medium to let the whole world know that IPOB is neither terrorist nor militant but will defend themselves  from now on and will never succumb to President Buhari’s use of force. Bokoharm is in the North East Killing people in thousands which in my own wisdom required maximum force. Besides, President Buhari promised to defeat Bokoharam in two weeks as soon as he Buhari assumes office in 29th of May 2015. But this is his Nine months in the office as the president of Nigeria and he is yet to defeat Bokoharam. He has killed IPOB members more than he had killed Bokoharam his terrorist brothers. The records are there for anyone see. IPOB will never again fold their hands while being killed. This is a notice to the Whole World! Please like and share!