Biafran Cause And Sea Vessel The Hijack Option


I want to first of all, correct this garbage written by Leadership News Paper that the people that hijacked the Sea Vessel with crew members on board are Ex-militants not IPOB. It is on record that they (ex-militants) had given Federal Government warning to release Nnamdi Kanu because they are Biafrans who want Nnamdi Kanu to be released. 

Therefore I want to allow you to read this garbage written by Leadership. – When reports started trending that some elements claiming to be members of the Independent Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) had introduced criminality to their struggle, many who had, hitherto, sympathised with them, felt that the movement has derailed. It was reported that, annoyed by the continued detention of their leader Nnamdi Kanu, some IPOB members decided to take measures that are obviously irresponsible, hijacked an oil tanker on Nigerian waters, and threatened to blow it up if, he, Kanu, was not released.
The military in response to that act of stupidity, had threatened that those hijackers will be treated as criminals. We think that is a reasonable line of action to take because fighting for self- determination is one thing, hijacking a sea vessel, a criminal act, is another. Besides, the case is in court and that makes the resort to self-help as a way of either intimidating the judicial officers or coercing them to toe a particular line of action as dictated by the criminals, very unnecessary and inimical to the course of justice. Kanu is facing some charges that relate to treason, a very grievous offence against the state, and his lawyers are doing their utmost to defend him. The process may appear slow but, nonetheless, we think that it will be in the interest of everyone concerned, including Kanu himself, that the rule of law is given a chance.
We are inclined to believe that IPOB, its leaders, whoever they may be, and the members understand that hijacking at sea is called piracy and it is an act of terrorism. Now, that is one word the whole world do not want to hear no matter how justified the group’s cause is. IPOB must know that they would have lost it when attention begins to be focussed on the illegal, albeit, criminal dimensions of the struggle instead of the more positive part that has to do with self-determination and independence. They must also be aware that there is an international understanding, indeed, a coalition against terrorism. It has been decided by nations that wherever piracy or terrorism rears its ugly head and whatever form it manifests, it must be crushed. IPOB and their fellow travellers, we are certain, do not have the staying power to take the heat this option they are adopting is going to generate.
The point we are trying to emphasise is that it is not in all cases that one emulates inappropriate behaviour. Because the circumstances are likely to differ in all material particular. Ndigbo, who the IPOB claims they are out to emancipate by causing to be established, a sovereign State of Biafra, are not likely to appreciate the necessity of indulging in such methods. They understand the circumstances that compelled Emeka Ojukwu and other Igbo leaders to agree to go to war in defence of the young Republic of Biafra in 1966. That was then. Now, the reasonable ones among them accept that if Biafra, as a cause, must be fought for at all, then violence and, worse, terrorism are not paths to tread because they, in most instances, lead to needless destruction and may extirpate the idea entirely.
We have said it before that there are more subtle but effective ways of fighting such battles. Politics and diplomacy are known to have triumphed where chest-beating and ego-tripping had failed. Those fighting for Biafra need to borrow a leaf from Scotland. We say this on the assumption that they are serious and committed and are not merely grandstanding.So you can now see the intention of this people? IPOB has disappointed them. IPOB is peaceful and do not wish to do anything that will damage their reputation which they have suffered to build over the years. Therefore, Biafrans hijacked the Vessel not IPOB and they know why they did it. Is only in Nigeria that a freedom fighter is charge treason to show how backward and selfish they are. Please share this article to the world!