The truth is always bitter, however; it must be told. I do not want to hold brief for anyone but say things the way they are. After careful investigation, I noticed with dismay the untold reasons of Villa Chapel removal.

 If we can remember sometime in 2001, the president Buhari said that if given the opportunity, he will make sure that Sharia will be promoted and institutionalized in the country. – i.e. all the parts of the country. Now there are strong indications that the president and his aids are not comfortable with the Villa Chapel which is against their Islamic agenda.

Villa Chapel would be removed in next coming days; according to information reaching us, our correspondent had that it’s a matter of days because the presidency had come under pressure to remove the Villa Chapel where Christians have been worshipping on Sundays. Informed presidency sources familiar with location of the Aso Rock Villa Chapel which was built by former president Obasanjo is said to be too close to president Buhar’s bedroom and kitchen and must be removed while mosque also is very close to us and even to our bedrooms and kitchens.
But one thing is clear, the president want to promote his agenda which is sharia and I stand to be corrected with superior argument. If he has contrary opinion to this article, should be proven by his action and by allowing the Villa Chapel; if indeed he wants Nigerians to believe his sincerity. Please share, like and follow!