Former President's Ministers Warns Buhari

The ministers who served under former President Goodluck Jonathan have warned President Muhammadu Buhari to respect Janathan. The former ministers said they had observed that the Buhari administration and members of the A P C had been condemning, ridiculing and undermining the efforts of the Jonathan administration. Jonathan’s ministers said both the 

President and his party had also been rubbishing the integrity of the individual members of the past administration. However, most of the people that funded Buhuri' campaign are the PDP memebers  that are  in the APC . Therefore, caution  Buhari.
A former Minister of National Planning, Dr. Suleiman, said this on Sunday in a statement on behalf of other ministers who served under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. But the Presidency, while reacting to the Jonathan’s minsters’ statement, on Sunday said Buhari’s war against corruption was not negotiable. Suleiman said the efforts of the Buhari government had been to portray all members of the Jonathan administration as corrupt and irresponsible,and want Buhari to start from his party first; because the corrupt people he is looking for are his party members. All were in the PDP before joining APC. Stop calling Janathan!