Buhari Ministers Are Only Known To Him - APC

 President Buhari is yet to appoint his ministers which according to the law, is against the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Therefore, he has committed impeachable offense. As a result  the  APC, has given assurance that the President will definitely appoint his ministers next month,  and date has been given on when the ministers would be appointed. however, APC has said that, That  date remains unchanged . The APC publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, stated that it would be unfair to start second-guessing the president at this moment. He further said: We will wait for September, and whatever else anyone has said is just innuendos. I don’t know why Nigerians are in such a hurry. If a man has a mandate for 48 months, I don’t think it is inordinate to spend four months. Who will get medal because he appointed ministers within record time? It is the quality of the ministers when they are able to deliver  that the country judges him with. So, should he wait for an eternity before he  appoint his ministers? Nigerians are worried that the style of his leadership is unusual.

However, he further said "We have seen people that appointed ministers in the first month, what happened to them at the end of the day"? But they followed the Law. While speaking on who and who may make the list and the yardstick with which they may be appointed, he said: “I know that there are informal meetings going on daily between the president and leaders of the party. I don’t think there is anywhere either at NEC, NWC or Caucus that anyone has discussed the issue of ministers. The president I know has kept this thing very close to his chest. The constitution says there would be federal character in the appointment of ministers and I think the president is not going to violate the constitution. But according to Nigerians he had violated the constitution. And therefore, should not wait further to appoint his ministers or be impeached. Please share