In as much as Nnamdi Kanu is  against all forms of violence which might include the activities of militants but he is never against his people. He is not against his own flesh and blood and most times he has even thought of backing militants as he wondered how we can survive with contaminated land and federal government’s absence. 

Violence is the language Nigeria understands hence peace, dialogue and law-abiding dispositions as held by Nnamdi Kanu have all failed, would anyone blame militants? Lies don’t stand forever and nothing built on deceit will see the end of the day, when the wind of test of time comes brewing, it will toss it like a heap of dry leaves, dump it into the pit of oblivion or nothingness and never shall it be seen or heard again.  
Before the war, we were one people and sought autonomy but after the war of extermination, we were killed and our house was turned apart. The effect of the genocide touched us badly as we went south while others went north. Division orchestrated by Nigerian government made us minority, they thrived upon it, subjugated us, enslaved us and left us ineffective. From Ijaw nation, to Ogoni nation, to Igbo nation, to Niger delta nation, to Uhrobo nation, and to Rivers nation, we ran away from whom we are, we abandoned our ancestry and allowed their divide and rules deny us our inheritance. With divide and rule, they ruled us and controlled our resources at the detriment of our land and people. Biafra is now complete with the position of southern Biafran youths “militants”, the elders and common citizens of our riverline Biafrans have all embraced Biafra, we have understood that we are one and our leader being held must be released. We must jointly speak out against evil and restore our inheritance.

In the bible, until the house of Israel came together after their division, nothing ever happened positively to them. Today we have come together as one people standing for one cause and nothing can take us down. The  aim of Nnamdi Kanu was to unite Biafra, a complete Biafra will force heaven to release our inheritance which is the kingdom of God unto us. We are people unfolding according to the prophesies of the old and nothing shall hold us back, not even the wickedness or deceit of men. Recall that Nnamdi Kanu prophetically made it clear in a podcast that Biafra will never come until we unite the divided house of God and by virtue of position of the southern people.  Biafra has been united and the miracle is set to happen. Biafra is a spirit and needs no man but divine instructions to manifest, such instruction has been achieved, united we shall stand forever. We are no longer Igbo nation, Ijaw nation, Uhrobo nation, Igbanke nation, Ogoni nation, Niger delta nation etc. We are now complete and one nation fighting for our collective survival and inheritance. The devil has not gone to sleep even though we have won him by finally uniting the Kingdom of God. He the devil will use politicians and gluttons, men ready to sell their conscience and people for money, they will come ranting but we shall be always strong to look beyond them as the plan of God worth not the glory of the world.

We all know Nnamdi Kanu started this journey of unification and today it has finally been achieved. When militants declared that war will be centered in Anambra, Abia and Abuja, it means this is no longer resource control but war against genocide and murder of Biafrans. Today let it be marked that southern Biafra first started the war against genocide which defines that they are more Biafran than other Biafrans.But Biafra Must come, make no mistake about it. Please like and follow!