Air Fares, PMS And DPK Still High In Nigeria In Spite Oil Price Fall

Over the last year, oil prices have dropped by more than 50 percent. Motorists filling up at fuel stations know that prices of petrol and Kerosene is high in Nigeria .
 But consumers seeking for commercial airline tickets saw that airfares PMS and DPK had not dropped along with oil prices. But it is only airline ticket that affect our politicians and that is why they are talking about it while, the poor are dying of hunger and starvation. 
However, Sharon Mclean, an aviation expert said most airlines are now in fuel contracts that reflect the plummeting global oil prices, and wonders why the price is not falling especially in Africa.
In most routes in the United States and Europe airline prices has dropped.The US Bureau of Labour Statistics in a January report  said air fares by foreign travellers on US airlines fell 15.0 per cent in 2015, the largest calendar-year drop since the index was first published in 1987.
The decline in ticket prices was steepest for air travel to Latin American and Caribbean down 17.8 per cent, but there were also big drops in fares to Asia (down 14.6 per cent) and Europe (down 11.7 per cent).
The International Air Transport Associated (IATA) late last year said that ticket prices have not been cut because airlines are still in contracts for fuel that pre-date the previous months’ oil prices fall. IATA represents 240 airlines or 84 percent of total air traffic. Aviation Experts say with oil and jet fuel costs down two-thirds since last year, airlines can expect to reduce their overheads by about 20 per cent leading to cheaper air fares across the globe. Some airlines said they are using the windfall in fuel costs to reduce debt and to make needed reinvestment in their infrastructure.
Travelers should not expect air ticket prices to fall with the decrease in the oil price, as the aviation industry is still recovering from high fuel prices from previous years. Please share and like!