Nnandi Kanu and New Judge

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It is a known fact that president Buhari has been shopping for a judge that will do the dirty work for him. Here comes the judge who will indeed like to please Mr president. But the whole world is watching to see how this innocent man will be sentenced to life imprisonment or death. 
We will never forget that several court orders have been given to Federal Government led by president Buhari to release Mazi Nnandi Kanu unconditionally. But he refused and want the new judge to give judgement in his favour. He appeared in the court today and his action showed that he is a no-nonsense Leader, Fearless, Focused and always upright, he went to court today with two other Biafrans, and our great legal team led by (SAN NZE CHUKS MUOMA) Argued his case in defense of our Leader today, Case adjourned till 29th of January 2016 for Judgment,
Looking at his appearance today, it shows how strong he is and I hastened to add that this Prince is a Great Prince indeed, even at the DSS dungeon he still look as handsome as ever,
Nnamdi Kanu I will love you forever, you are the only Man who has given me a true sense of belonging, the only Man who knew, feel and see the pains and agony of the People of Biafrans. The only one that has the courage to speak to the hearing of the world irrespective of the consequences.Please like and follow