Mazi Nnandi Kanu and Nigeria Media War

This article is meant to correct the ongoing false propaganda to tarnish the image of the director of Radio Biafra and the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra mazi Nnandi Kanu. This Yoruba and Arewa media should realize that we have strong media presence unlike before, where they used it to destroy our people and those they considered to be their enemy. That time has passed, this is 21st century.

 According the information received, by Nasir Waziri Nigeria government has paid huge sum of money to media houses to tarnish the image of Nnandi Kanu. In fact, in his words, I worship the almighty allah and I do not support evil. I work with the DSS and on Saturday, the presidency brought the order with cash in suitcases for us to begin the media war on Nnandi Kanu. The plan was to drug him, take him to a hotel and snap him naked with a woman but some said, with the current publicity on the case that would be too much risk to take.
So, they decided to photoshop this picture as Nnandi Kanu with a woman and released it to the press in Nigeria. I am forwarding this original picture so you can use it and fight for this innocent man. I am an Hausaman but I sincerely support Biafra because I believe with Biafra, my people will stop all these killings and focus on Farming and Agriculture. The Fulani have held us hostage for long time. They are the trouble with Nigeria. Let’s analyze this if Nnandi Kanu is not a great man and if what he is pursuing is not just and for our good, why would president Buhari release N20 Billion to Nigeria Media to tarnish the image of innocent man with false campaign. Please my people be on alert, in next coming days false propaganda will continue. But do not fear or lose hope, these things are banned to happen and remember they have our Oil money; they are using it to pay people and media houses. But make no mistake about it, Biafra shall come; there is nothing anyone can do about it. Please like and share!